Tutorial: Getting Started

Getting Started

Download MFKDF.js

There are three ways to add mfkdf.js to your project: self-hosted, using a CDN, or using NPM (recommended).

Option 1: Self-Hosted

First download the latest release on GitHub, then add mfkdf.js or mfkdf.min.js to your page like so:

<script src="mfkdf.min.js"></script>

Option 2: CDN

You can automatically include the latest version of mfkdf.min.js in your page like so:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/multifactor/mfkdf/mfkdf.min.js"></script>

Note that this may automatically update to include breaking changes in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the latest single-version tag with SRI from jsDelivr instead.

Option 3: NPM (recommended)

Add MFKDF to your NPM project:

npm install mfkdf

Require MFKDF like so:

const mfkdf = require('mfkdf');